Our Fleeting Feelings

We all have moments in life that take our breath away or knock the breath out of us, all dependent on how you look at them and what the circumstances are. Have you ever been saddened by events in your life, such as a death that came to early? Or been so excited and happy you were simply beside yourself and couldn’t take the smile from your face? How about a time when you felt fear or anger so deeply that your core shook? We have all experienced emotions that range from one end of the spectrum to the other, from elated to angry, or shocked to dismayed, from sad to excited. The interesting things about feelings is that they are fleeting and are dependent on the circumstances we are encountering at any given moment.

God has given us the ability to experience feelings deep down, but they are not true indicators of our spiritual walk or stability. They are there to build desires within us, to ignite passion, to spark sympathy, and to illuminate hopes and dreams. They are not there to guide our life, to dictate our reactions, or to act as spiritual indicators for they unstable and inaccurate gauges. Feelings of hopelessness can lead to substance abuse or self mutilation. Feelings of lust can lead to unbridled acts of passion. Anger can lead to harsh words and physical fights. Jealousy can lead to feelings of resentment and bitterness, bringing with it discord, dysfunction, and disunity. If used to guide our lives, feelings will at some point cause us to fall!

With all that said, it is critical that we understand what needs to guide our lives, what needs to be the spiritual gauge as we traverse this chaotic world. It is God’s word and his truths that must navigate us! Not only are they immutable, but they are encouraging, convicting, and hit us at the core of our hearts and souls. God’s word lovingly reveals the paths we must take and becomes the light amidst the chaos of our circumstances and the feelings that flow from them. When we seek direction in confrontation, God’s word clearly shows us the way and gives us grace to respond with mercy, love and truth, even when our feelings tell us otherwise. When we seek comfort from our pain, God’s word is a constant vigil for us. When we feel that we have lost hope and are in the depths of despair, it is God’s word that must carry us through.

Our feelings can be brought on by Satan himself to deceive us, to deter us, and to bring ruin to our lives. He wants nothing more than to destroy us and take our very life and breath. Hence the reason we should not use feelings to dictate our life responses. Satan wants us to believe that because we sin we are useless and no longer of value in the Kingdom of God. He wants us to believe and feel that we are not loved because we are not beautiful enough, smart enough, or capable enough. When we are hurting and frail, Satan hits us hardest, making us feel hopeless, void of life, and of little value. Have you ever done something wrong or hurt someone only to feel terrible. We feel that we are unable to make things right or bring restoration. That is a lie straight from the depths of Hell!

Our feelings are God given, but Satan uses them to manipulate and control us, thus we need to read, absorb and actively seek God’s word to show us the truth in our circumstances. Satan condemns, God convicts. Satan lies, God is truth. Satan weakens, God builds up and strengthens. Satan sparks hatred, jealousy, and bitterness, God ignites love, peace, patience, and kindness. While Satan seeks to destroy us from the circumstances we face, God desires to grow us from the inside out. Satan manipulates in ways are inconsistent and unjust, God’s ways do not manipulate. They reveal and provide opportunities to show that His ways are sovereign and righteous. Satan seeks to tear us apart through our life circumstances, God wants to bring unity and restoration through the circumstances that are around us and those we create.

Do we all fall and screw up at times? Of course! Do we all have moments where we feel incapable, unsure, inconsistent, unstable? Absolutely! Do we all sin and bring pain to others or ourselves? Certainly we do for we are not perfect. But through God’s sacrifice of His only Son, we will discover that we are loved unconditionally and we are made perfect, righteous, holy, beautiful, and just! There is no other thing in this world that compares to the true and ever-present love of God!

So, don’t let your feelings dictate your life or your worth. Let God reveal to you your value and your importance in this world despite what your feelings tell you. Let His word inspire restoration and joy. Live, love and laugh. Enjoy what God has created just for you. Trust that He will bring good from every circumstance in your life. Drink in His promises and cling to His truth. Rest in the shelter of His wings and hide in the fortress of His strength. Don’t waver because you feel lost, but believe because you are found!

With all my love and heartfelt wishes for you to feel the glory of God radiate from within!

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or prayer request. God bless!

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