Who Am I…there is so much more!?!

You know, it has been on my heart to start this blog in order to share the love, beauty, and peace that God has so richly brought into my life through the years that were filled with pain, turmoil, and chaos.  However, I really was struck this morning by the Lord!  Posting just a poem, expressive though it may be, is only a slight reflection of the emotion behind the words.  Others can read it and not really take anything from it for there is no real person behind it, no circumstances to understand it, and nothing for them to relate to personally.  This is not to say that the poems the Lord places on my heart will have no impact, for I know they do otherwise they would not be here for you to read, but the desire of my heart is to be real, to be transparent so that others can say, “Oh yeah!  I totally know how that feels,” and then to have that feeling resonate in your heart.  Then to reiterate those feelings and emotions poetically has much more power to transform and renew.  Thus I begin yet another chapter in this ever increasing journey of blogging–revealing the stories behind the poems.  They are the stories of my life, the stories of struggles, and the stories of reality in a fallen world.  They are who I am and are reality for many who read them, a part of their journey with God as well.  May they truly bless your life and I pray that through this blog, you will come to rely on, trust more, and surrender to the One true God who can indeed bring you a future filled with hope and promise.  All my love and blessings as we embark together on this, the ultimate Journey with God!

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or prayer request. God bless!

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