Archive | February 21, 2012

Light of the World

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they might see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Light of the World

Wanting to reach a world in need
Share God’s love to the dying communities
Bringing light where darkness once dwelt
Letting God’s love reach the highest hills

Revealing mercy and grace to the valleys below
Shouting his praises on the mountains covered with snow
Singing praise of my God and King to all
Exposing a dying world the their Creator’s call

I want only to share what He has done in my life
Hoping others will see His love is rife
Searching and digging deeper into His word
Learning and growing more in love with my Lord

Serving God with all my heart, soul and mind
Being open and ready to be giving and kind
Showering compassion and gentleness in the world’s hollow shell
Praying others will know that God is alive and well

Bringing them hope through Christ’s sacrifice
Providing scripturally sound wisdom and advice
Giving more of God and less of me
Shining the light of God for all to see


Each day we traverse this world, we encounter numerous choices. We choose what to wear, what we will eat, who we will talk to, where we will go after work, whether to turn right or left, whether to tell a story or hold back. Decisions abound! We must constantly choose between right and wrong. To cuss or not to cuss. To gossip like all the others at work do, or to keep our thoughts to ourselves. To be kind to the person we can’t stand or treat them like yesterday’s leftover dinner.

What you do, what you say, how you act, everything you do is reflection of what you believe, a reflection of who you are and your integrity. When we choose God and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, then we are choosing a lifestyle filled with decisions that contradict what the world desires, what the world demands, and what the world says we should do.

What have you chosen today? If the answer is Christ, will others know that by what you say and do? Or will they think you are just like everyone else in this world? Choose today whom you will serve, for tomorrow may be too late.

All my love that God will bless you with wisdom to make choices that reflect His glory, strength to stand up and choose the path that no one else is taking, and courage to stay the course when everyone ridicules and accuses you. God bless and keep you in His love.