Lukewarm…I think NOT!

I have discovered that even amidst the spiritual desert, God still calls, or rather beckons us to His oasis.  I have found myself stuck in a rut so to speak, stuck in the lukewarm part of my Godly journey.  Praying has seemed distant and devouring the word is more like nibbling here and there.  This is indeed a dangerous place to be as God cannot tolerate the lukewarm Christian.  In scripture the lukewarm Christian is referred to as something disgusting, something needing to be spit out…Revelation 3:15-16 “I know your deeds, that you are neither hot nor cold.  I wish you were either one or the other!  So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”  God doesn’t want us hovering in the desert.  He does not desire that we wander in the realm of lukewarm spirituality.

Think about it this way.  You have been friends with someone for many years and they have been your confidant, your encourager, your go-to person.  You talk often and spend time together when possible.  The relationship is built on time spent with one another, experiences shared, bonds of trust that have been built over time, and communication.  It has a foundation and a future.  However, for some unknown reason, you sense a lukewarm bond between you.  You wonder why this person, whom you trust and care about, has only been returning your calls once in a while; not talking for long or saying very little.  You question why you haven’t spent time together in a while.  This person talks to you here and there now and cares about you still, but the inconsistent actions are certainly showing that the relationship between you is just kind of there, not really a priority or very important.  It isn’t disconnected or cold nor is it exciting or invigorating.  It is neither hot nor cold, just there.  Do you really want a relationship that is just there?  Or would you rather know that it has gone to the wayside and move forward?  Or know that you are in a deep and meaningful relationship that is reliable and will last a lifetime?

When we are lukewarm in our walk with God, we are just there.  We are not actively participating in a deeper more meaningful relationship with our Lord and Savior.  Simultaneously, we are saying that God is not our priority and we are not committed to him.  We spend time with him in prayer and reading when we can fit it in, if we can fit it in.  We go to church but aren’t really involved or deeply connected with other believers.  We no longer have the fire and passion we had when first being saved.  The fire has dwindled to mere embers about to fade into the abyss of spiritual depravity.  God does not want us lukewarm my friends.  He does not desire us to make our relationship one of convenience.  No, God wants our whole heart, our undivided attention, our complete love and surrender to Him.  He wants a deeper, more meaningful relationship.  This can only happen when we put him first, when we continue to stoke the fire and keep it burning hot.  Lukewarm gets us nowhere but “just there”.

So, don’t continue to wander in the spiritual desert.  Instead, listen to God’s still, small voice beckoning you back into a relationship that is hot, burning with passion and devotion.  Take the time, better yet, MAKE the time in your schedule to meet with Him everyday, building the bond of love and trust.  See what a heart on fire God can do in your life!  Pray, meditate on His word, listen to His voice echo among the broken pieces of life, creating something beautiful, extraordinary, and long-lasting.  Rest in the oasis of God’s love; drink it in, eat richly upon His word, taste and know that He is good!

God bless and keep you and may He help you return to His loving, sheltered oasis resting among the spiritual desert of your heart.

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or prayer request. God bless!

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