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What have we done?

October 11, 2012

Dear Lord,

My heart weeps at the signs of the times. It breaks at the consistent crucifixion of your name. Lord, I know the end times are here, that we are living in a state of consistent turmoil, families are breaking apart, children are abandoned and led astray, government is so corrupt that voting is the lesser of two evils rather than the best candidate for the job. Everyone is out to serve their own agenda, Christians included, which saddens me to no end. Christians condemning those that go against your laws makes us look like hypocrites and naysayers. We are not the loving church that was once based on your truths, on your compassion, your miracles, your grace and love. No, many have become places that flaunt the “we are better than others mentality.” They cast out the sinner rather than embracing, loving, and teaching them. They go on tirades, killing innocent people in your name. You are a just God and you tell us that of faith, hope, and love, the one remaining thing when all is said and done is to love. If we only love one another, then all the other will fall into place…we will honor our parents, we will stay faithful in our marriages, we will keep your commandments, and on and on it goes. Where have we Christians gone wrong, that our influence as a culture has become so negative? What have we done to forget who you really are God? Who have we been seeking our gratification and praise from that we have wandered away from your foundation Lord?

We have become prideful and arrogant in our country, never satisfied with what we have and always wanting more, more, more. The voids that should be filled with your word have been filled with things that only satisfy for a short time and then need to be filled again. We traipse from one relationship to another in hopes of finding true love, when true love has been with us the entire time; all we needed to do was connect to you Lord. We bend and twist the truth to meet our needs, going so far as to point out scripture after scripture (out of context) that will plead our case. We use you and your word as needed to mend our broken hearts, cleanse our guilt, and reinforce our ways, not seeking true meaning to the path you have set us on. We toss you out of our schools, slam the door on you in anything to do with government, we tell the shepherds of your churches to conform or suffer, yet somehow we expect our country to thrive and to grow. Hmmm! Your prayers cannot be stated on government ground for fear of offending others with differing beliefs. Your word can no longer be endorsed by our military and your celebrations have been diminished in the retail arena ( heaven forbid an employee say merry Christmas rather than happy holidays) as someone may complain since they don’t celebrate that holiday, yet we wonder why our economy is continually spiraling down, why employment rates are the lowest they have been since the depression. Again, I say hmmmm!

We toss the correct rendition of who you are out of textbooks and paint you as nothing more than a teacher. College professors teach the path of enlightenment through one’s own being and instead of dates referred to as before Christ and after Christ, they are now before common era and after common era, and still we question why we have so much violence in our country, why abortion rates are so high, and why gang association is on the rise. Wow! Do we really need to wonder?

As a society we have bought into the lies of satan. We have allowed him to work his way into every facet of our lives, from our children’s schools to our highest government positions. We have allowed ourselves to be fooled by the sheep in wolves clothing. We have become like the Pharisees, who were clearly given the signs of the coming messiah, yet still chose to persecute him. We are the hypocrites, for we preach one thing but live another and hold expectations for others yet keep them lower for ourselves.

You, oh Lord have spoken clearly to your people, but we have not truly listened as we should and thus we find our freedoms being stripped by the very people we elected to help protect them. We find our moral values decaying because we listen to our flesh rather than our heart and soul. We are a country in need of you Lord. We need nothing else but you for we are slipping faster than we can recover. Guide our Christian hearts to follow you, to give up the ways of the world, to deny ourselves and take up your cross. Guide us in the truth, in your ways everlasting, and lead our hearts down the paths of righteousness.

With crying eyes and a broken heart,