Please Dear Lord…

But let all who take refuge in you be glad; let them ever sing for joy.
Spread your protection over them; that those who love your name may rejoice in you.
–Psalm 5:11

Please Dear Lord…
April 10, 2012

Search me and see if there be any offensive way in me
Test me oh God and know my heart
Seek deep within and bring my motives to the surface
Fill me with more of You and make me whole
Cleanse me from pride and selfishness oh God

Bring me to Your side
Renew my heart and mind
Comfort me as only You can
Draw me close to You and never let me go
Let me know You are near

Bring me to my knees in reverence and awe
May my fear be of Your glory and power, not of the world or those in it
For You are my guide
I live to please only You
To bring glory and praise to Your name

I pray that You fill me with grace to handle the obstacles that come my way
Give me strength to boldly face injustice and mistreatment
Shower me with discernment to know when to speak and when to be silent
May I see through Your eyes and have compassion on those who seek to devour me
Help me to hold tightly to justice and mercy
To turn the other cheek when I am hit on the other

I need You Lord
I need Your strength, Your wisdom, Your protection
I ask for, no, I humbly beg for Your favor to be upon me in all that I do
Please dear Lord, never leave my side
Be my lamp and my path

Bring me out of all chaos and condemnation with Your praises on my tongue
I want to be bold and stand but instead my flesh fears and worries
I know not what the future holds
But I do know that You hold my future
That You control all that comes against me
You will use all things for Your glory

Help Father God I pray
Help me be a light to those who seek to destroy or defame
Let me not be bitter or prideful
Let me focus on You oh God
Be my shield and my strength in trials
For I know You placed me in circumstances for a purpose
Give me wisdom and help me learn from life tribulations

Hold me Lord and please constantly remind me that You are near
You are near to the brokenhearted
You bless those who call upon Your name
You are my light and my salvation
My saving grace

For if You, my God and Father, are for me then who can be against me
No one can touch Your anointed unless You deem it so
No one can bring harm to me for You have plans to prosper me
No one can stand against me for You oh Lord are with me

You think of me more than the grains of sand on the beach
You, the Creator of the earth and the heavens, sing over me
You have adopted me into Your kingdom as Your daughter
I am Yours and You oh God are mine

No one on earth can destroy me
No schemes of hell can stand against me for You are stronger
You crush the plans of the wicked
You destroy the snare of the fowler

Keep me safe in Your arms oh Lord
Bring my heart peace
Fill my mind with Your thoughts
Lead me in the way everlasting

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