Archive | March 14, 2013

Your Will Not Mine

Our Father who is in Heaven, holy is your name.

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.  –Matthew 6:9-10

Your Will Not Mine

Drifting thoughts

The future unbeknownst

Reign over my mind

Pierce my heart

Bring me to the place where You are

Center me oh Lord

That I may do Your will

Remove the clutter within

Give me strength

Help me walk in Your way

I love you Lord

More so than I love myself

Help me to do Your will

Be with me

Guide me

Let my words be Yours

Let my heart fully trust

Let my motives be pure

Let my path be straight

Show me Your will

Devoted wholly to You

Be the lamp unto my feet

A light unto my path

I will surrender all

Guide me oh Lord

Lead me to accomplish Your will

Let not Satan deceive

Nor my flesh interfere

Let me not be blinded by desire

Keep temptation at bay

Help me to see clearly

Not my will oh God

Only Yours be done everyday

Life is not always perfect although we so wish it to be.  There is truly no compass or neon sign that points or leads us where we should go, but rather we so often allow our emotions, thoughts, past experiences, or desires to show us the way.  Oh, to have that magic wand that makes everything perfect or the GPS that could give me directions for my life!  But alas, they do not exist.  There is no sure-fire way to know that we have made the correct decision, no absolute guarantee that we made a good choice.

Nope, nothing like that exists.  Instead, we have something better, though there is only one issue——–faith!

We have access to a God who knows our lives better than we do.  We have the ability to communicate with a God who knows our thoughts and our motives before we even get a clue.  We have the chance to have a relationship with a God who knows our every coming and going.  We have a God who has designed a life just for us, filled with good things, placing us amidst a myriad of blessings, and promising us a future filled with hope.

The catch—–we have to believe it is so!  We have to believe that the God who created us, will lead us.  We have to believe that the God who gives us every breath will guide us in the way that brings all we need.  We have to believe that the God who knows every hair on our head will indeed place us where he desires, even when we don’t truly understand.

Faith!  Even faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains!  All we need do is have faith!  Trusting, even though our feelings, emotions, desires, thoughts, or past experiences may dictate one direction, God will not lead us astray.

Faith!  Such a small word with such power behind it!  I cling to the faith I have that Christ indeed died for me so that I may know the God who created me.  I cling to the Cross that enables me to hear God’s still small voice, even though I don’t always want to hear it.   I cling to faith in the ultimate sacrifice that reminds me, convicts me, delivers me, drives me, and makes me who I am today.

Is it easy to trust?  Is it easy to have faith in what is unknown?  Is it easy to have confidence in a direction we don’t clearly understand?  Is it easy to believe that good can come of all events in this life?  Never.  God never promised it would be easy, but he did promise that he would be with us through it all!

May we trust in what God is doing in our lives and seek him in all that we do!  With love!