God under Fire!

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
–2 Timothy 4:7

God Under Fire!
October 11, 2012

What are we doing in our nation?
A country founded on freedom and justice for all
Young men and women fighting for our right to speak
Facing mortal danger so that each person can hold to their own belief
I am so tired of having my rights stripped away
Taken inch by inch, behind closed doors, by the powers that be in hope that we don’t notice
No celebration of Christmas in school as heaven forbid someone slips as to the reason for the season
We can’t even do Santa Claus anymore as he originated from St. Nick
It would be a mortal sin to share the spirit of giving with our children
Christmas trees are even taboo should the reference to Christ’s sacrifice come up
Gay marriage becoming the norm and so be it
Each person has that freedom but we also have the freedom to disagree or do we
History books being rewritten to be politically correct
As if it really was, please!
The powers that be are setting the stage for a generation that will not understand our past and how we got to where we are today
How sad since we learn from our mistakes and if they aren’t taught we will only make them again
Why go forwards when a few minority groups can take us so much farther backwards
My heart is angered that I cannot say my beliefs or values without being called a hypocrite
I am open to others believing what they want to believe but I will not stand for others telling me I can’t have my own opinion or worse yet will be targeted if I do
Our military is open to homosexuals, so be it, they can fight just like other men and women
But to discipline chaplains for saying they don’t condone it based on their beliefs
Then dear God in heaven what are our military truly fighting for, why bother
When pastors and preachers face fines, forced resignations, or jail for stating what they believe then God help us all
I never thought that our country, the United States of America, would sink so low as to discriminate points of view and not allow freedom of speech
Wake up people and know you are not exempt
It will strike you one day
The reality that you really are not free to speak unless it doesn’t offend someone else
One day you will be told to shut up
To hold your thoughts to yourself
You will be called a hypocrite if you don’t accept others views
You will be told that you are not tolerant and are judging others
If you think it won’t affect you someday, brace yourself
Maybe it won’t because you delicately and desperately ride the fence rather than stand for what you believe
Maybe, just maybe, your fears will keep you in the politically correct league, keeping your true beliefs locked inside
I don’t know about anyone else
Nor do I know where your heart stands
I do know what I feel and by God in heaven I will stand
Call me what you may – a hypocrite, a jerk, intolerant, hateful, judgmental
Persecute me till your hearts are content
I will stand on my beliefs for God has indeed said this day would come
I have armor stronger than any man’s intent
I won’t back down
I won’t be silent
I will rock the boat
I will call it as I see it
For one day when I die I will answer to no man
Whatever anyone said, did, or thought about me will be irrelevant
When I die I will stand only before God
I will bow before the omnipotent One who saw it all go down
I will meet him face to face as his eyes pierce my heart and soul
I will humbly look for his praise and his alone
I don’t care if the world tells me I am a good girl for falling in line
Nope, I would rather the world think me foolish and bad if it means that my God will see me as wise and wonderful
Do what you feel is right, but know that in the end every knee will bow, every tongue confesses that The Lord is God
At that moment I pray I stayed the course, that I ran the race
I pray that I will always stand for my God and Christ
Even more so as the end days approach
Where will you stand?

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or prayer request. God bless!

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