And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory,
are being transformed into his likeness –2 Corinthians 3:18






With good conscience

Walk in obedience



With sincere love

Commit to serve



With daily commitment

Bear righteous fruit



With unveiled faces

Become like Christ



With childlike faith

Proclaim God’s glory


In this life it is ever so easy to conform to the views and norms of the culture; the ways of this world.  But God calls us to a higher standard.  One in which we are to be obedient to him above all else.  Oh, how hard is that sometimes…a lot of the time!?!  I desire to do good, to love others, to forgive, to stay pure, and to avoid selfishness and greed.  However, I find that I face adversity to what God sees is right and what the people around me say is acceptable.  There seems to be constant conflict!

No matter what, I have to stay the course, knowing that in my flesh, I will indeed fall.  I will sin.  I will fall short of the glory of God daily in numerous ways.  But that will not stop me from getting up, brushing off the dirt, and trying harder next time to avoid the pitfalls of this world; the temptations of Satan.

God says that we are all victors already!  The moment we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts, we have the power, knowledge and discernment to avoid temptations, to detour away from sinful situations.  I pray Lord that you indeed give me strength to do what is good and right!  I ask that you give me wisdom and guidance in all situations and I seek to follow your plan and will for my life.

May God shine upon us all, leading us in His way everlasting!

With love ❤

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or prayer request. God bless!

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