Archive | March 26, 2013


Have you ever felt like the world is caving in around you? Ever thought you were going to break and never recover from the insanity that surrounds you? You are not alone! Welcome to life!

More often than not, we are facing some trial or difficult situation at any given moment in our lives. Perhaps it is problems at work, with finances, or maybe you just got laid off. Maybe you are struggling with health issues or dealing with a death in the family. Perchance you are going through a nasty divorce or dealing with abuse in your home. During these times it is so very easy to blame God for your situation or get angry because He allowed bad things to enter your life. Although God is big enough to handle your frustration, anger, bitterness, or blame, He is only trying to steer you back to the path He desires for your life.

I went through a divorce after 12 years of marriage and have been single now for almost 11 years! You can rest assured I went through many emotions and feelings. The roller coaster of emotions went from disbelief, to anger, to grief at the loss of something so valuable to me and my then 2 year old son. Then my feelings turned to God….to a God who was supposed to bring good things into my life; a God who I thought would protect me from this type of destruction. After all, marriage is a God thing, right? I spent many a night crying out to Him, asking Him how He could let this happen to me. How could a God who loved me so much hurt me so much? Why did I have to go through so much pain? Why couldn’t He make it all better?

Then it hit me…God indeed allowed these events to take place in my life, not because He chose them, but because I chose them, my husband chose them. He took our poor choices, which upon retrospect were not in His plan for my life, and conformed them toward His plan for my life. He took the pain and devastation of that divorce and turned it into something beautiful, drawing me nearer to Him than ever before. Of course that did not spare me the human gamut of feelings (it took me three years to recover and let go), but it gave me hope for a future that would be better than before. It gave me peace that in time there would be greater things in my life.

God took my questions of why and turned my heart to ask him what! Instead of asking why he allowed these things, I began to ask myself what He wanted me to learn from them. In that moment of heart change, I was able to start viewing the word with clearer eyes. I was able to face my fears and heal from past childhood wounds that had influenced my choices up to that point. I was able to draw strength from the Almighty Creator Himself to get me through the storm, knowing, trusting that He would indeed bring me hope and a future.

My encouragement to you: No matter what trial you are facing today, no matter how big the storm, no matter how desperate you are, no matter the difficult situation, God has you. If you choose to seek Him, He will bring you respite. He will give you strength. He will provide you the wisdom you need at the moment you need it. He will renew and heal your heart. Let Him love you through the tribulations you face and show you that there is a hope and a future for you as well, one that is blessed and in accordance with His good will for you!

Instead of asking God why bad things are happening to you, ask God what He wants you to learn from the circumstances you are in right at this moment.

May God bless and guide you, giving you hope and faith that there is indeed a rainbow at the end of the storm. All my love!


For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD,

plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to bring you hope and a future. –Jeremiah 29:11


Crushed by circumstances
Tired and broken
I come to you
Heal my heart
Open my eyes
Renew my faith
Give me hope to press on
Shine Your light
Reveal Your love for me
Help me to see the rainbow amidst the storm
No longer will I ask why
No not today
I ask instead what You want me to learn
What do You want to show me
Guide me
Lead my willing soul
Show me what You desire
Set my feet on steady ground
No not why
Rather what do you want of me
I surrender all
For hope and a future with You