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Believe it, Own it, Live it — Woman of God!

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.
–1 John 3:1-2

woman of God 5

Believe it, Own it, Live it

Do you know who you are, woman of God?

You doubt, you fear, you feel alone
You have emotions and feelings that battle within
You are human, a part of this world
There are scars, there is pain
You fight the worldly views and voices
You struggle to rise above the reflections in others eyes

Who are you really?

You are different, you are unique
Seeing the beauty and goodness within is hard
Believing it even harder

Do you know your worth woman of God?

Do you see your beauty through the Creators eyes?

Listening to the world brings confusion
You have thoughts that you are not good enough
Mindless swirls echoing you are unworthy
Lies whispering that you do not deserve good

Who are you woman of God?

Can you see yourself dear child of God?

You are righteous, you are holy, you are strong
You are filled with dignity and the character of Christ

Are you perfect?
Surely not!

In this vast sea of life perfection is never found
Yet on the shores of heaven you are everything wonderful
You are beautiful
Glowing with the glory of God
Faith is your sail
Hope is you anchor
Christ is your compass, the light that shines from within
You are virtuous even when the world does not understand
You bring good to the lives of others
Hospitably giving of you and all you have

You are a Woman of God!

A glorious, holy, and beautiful woman of God
Own it, believe it, live it
Know you are a Woman of God

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Worldly Perceptions — Woman of God

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” –1 Samuel 16:7

Worldly Perceptions
April 20, 2013

perception 3
Who are you woman of God?
Defined by so many who know me not
Struggling to find the real me
Without reflecting through others eyes
I am a teacher leading the way
Instructing little minds in the ways of the world
I am a colleague constantly going here and there
Supporting coworkers as best I can
I am a daughter regarded so highly
With lost emotions and insecurity to spare
I am an artist relaying life in words and pictures
Bringing beauty to the ordinary
I am a musician praising the Lord with my voice
Singing praises to His glorious name
I am a helper always lending a hand
Attempting to make light the heavy load
I am an aunt admired for what I have achieved
Yet wanting to do so much more
I am a friend willing to be there
Listening and helping those I love
I am a mother trying to navigate a deceptive world
Striving to show my child the narrow way
I am a leader others seek advice from
Feeling ill equipped in my own sinfulness to show God’s light
Without the title who are you?
Where will you find yourself woman of God?

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Woman of God??

Answer me quickly, LORD; my spirit fails.

Do not hide your face from me or I will be like those who go down to the pit. –Psalm 143:7

woman struggle

Woman of God?

Woman of God
Who are you? What are you?
These things will fade
Shift with the winds of time
Are you honored at the gates of the city?
Praised by your children?
Is the fear of God within?
Can you laugh at all that you face?
The good and the bad
Do you speak wisdom and instruction through the Lord?
Are you vigorously seeking to bring good to all around you?
When others look upon you what do they see?
A woman of God?

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Woman of God: Introduction and Question

Do you ever struggle to know who you are amidst the world and its perceptions of you? Do you ever feel unloved, unwanted, or insecure? Do you find yourself looking in the mirror and wondering who the reflection is that stares back at you? I do!

One would think, as a Christian woman, I would be secure and safe in the knowledge that I am a daughter of God. Well, this great big world and all of its voices have a way of beating me down, telling me I am unworthy, undesirable, and never good enough! In my soul, deep within, I know who I am in God, and yet I still struggle every day!! Am I a good mom? What have I done or not done to merit the way I get treated? Will I be a good wife? I have messed up already so am I really ready to try again…better yet do I deserve to be loved in the way I desire? Will I ever be good enough? Can I ever be happy with who I am? Or will I constantly struggle until the days I sit at the feet of God in the heavens above, when my eyes will be opened to what my soul already knows is true?

So frequently, I allow the world to define me and tell me who it is I see in the mirror. Oh, how much power I give to others and to the world; to satan and his wicked whispers in my ear that I am unworthy! How often I allow the negative thoughts to triumph, or buy into the lies that I am not pretty enough, not strong enough, not……you fill in the blank! The battle indeed is every day, practically every hour, unless my day is so busy I have no time to think.  Hmmm. Perhaps that is why I stay so busy; why I keep my days so full? Do I always find things to do so that I don’t have to confront the battle of my mind? It makes sense.

Anyway, enough of my endless rambling. As I have struggled with this, even more so over the last few days, the Lord has led me to search “Woman of God”. The Proverbs woman is more than I can handle at the moment–in her beauty, her perfection in how she manages and cares for her home, in the honor and respect she has earned from her husband and children. I was overwhelmed and yet inspired. She is a vision of perfection I have not yet encountered in this world and feel I will never achieve. Yet, somehow, she inspires me. She, the Proverbs woman, challenges me.

We shall see where Lord takes me on this journey to believe and see myself as I truly am—a daughter of the righteous King! May you find your way as well, and know that even when the flesh feels one way, when the desires of this world overwhelm, the spirit will still lead and strengthen you, bringing a deep sense of peace amidst the shallow and insecure human, fleshly thoughts.

Thanks Lord for the Journey! May you always be with me, showing me the way, being the captain of my ship.

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