In this life there is pain and heartache, destruction and evil. But what man seeks to destroy, God can renew. What sin seeks to crush, God can rebuild. What evil seeks to devastate, God can bring hope! God is the God of miracles. He can restore what has been lost and heal what has been broken. Let God in. Give him the chance to transform your painful past into a beautiful and promising future. With Christ all things are possible.

But the people who trust in the Lord will become strong again.
They will rise up as an eagle in the sky;
They will run and not need rest;
They will walk and not become tired
Isaiah 40:31


Spirits crushed, soul abandoned
Deep within the cocoon
Where do you begin?
Is there light?
Perhaps a ray of hope to heal the hurt inside?
Anguish lurks in the abyss of the heart
But still the beauty strives within
Longing to escape
To be free from the pain
Let God in
He’s calling you
Allow a chance to trust
Accept the change
Fight for freedom
Fly free
Soar above the pain
There is hope where God resides
To transform the devastation
Into the beautiful butterfly

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or prayer request. God bless!

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