‘Not by power not by might, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord of hosts. Zechariah 4:6


The power of the Lord
Lays beyond any comprehension
Questions of the human mind
Have little understanding
God seeks our hearts
Changes our thoughts
Builds us in His image
Refining until we are complete

Life begets anguish
But only for a moment
Then peace will have its reign
What we cannot see
Is where our answers lie
Trust is the only way
To reveal the truthful path

Christ died for all
For sinners who cast Him aside
Those who doubt
Feeling they are not worthy
He loves us as we are
Incomplete, torn, broken
Mere fragments of imperfection
Longing for something more

The ways of the world are not freeing
Only chains that bind our soul
Transformation is set in motion
When God moves internally
Stirring anxieties
Breaking barriers
Revealing who we really are

We are not lost
God’s light leads our way
We have not been abandoned
His mighty arms shelter us
We are not hopeless
We are filled with His Spirit and love
We are not losers in this tedious race called life
We are instead victors with God at our side

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