Archive | October 7, 2013

Surround Me

I adore music and understand the impact it can have on the heart, soul, and attitude!  It has been my desire to write lyrics for years, but I find that it is so difficult to bring meaning and music to the words of the heart.  This is my first stab…now if only I could write music, I would be good to go!  Feel free to let me know what you think 🙂  Blessings and may the rhythmic melody of God fill you with peace and comfort beyond understanding.

Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you;
He will never let the righteous fall.  ~ Psalm 55:22

Surround Me

Lord I am so tired
My body just can’t go anymore
I am pressed by time constraints and busyness
Everyone rushing to and fro
The cycle never ends
I struggle to keep this hectic pace
It takes so much to run this race

Slow me down
Settle my heart and soul
Surround me with Your peace
Slow me down
Settle my spirit within
Let Your words cover me with Your grace

The constant hustle and bustle
That comes with this earthly life
It pulls me away from You
I get so caught up with where I am
I forget where my heart should be
This race takes so much from me

Slow me down
Settle my heart and soul
Surround me with Your peace
Slow me down
Settle my spirit within
Let Your words cover me with Your grace


Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12


‘Tis not mine to question
This life that I now live
Is merely an opportunity
To share all I have to give

To cast my troubles behind
To focus on those in need
To let go of my sufferings
To others His word I must feed

For through His word comes life abundant
More peace than man can understand
Rules by which we can follow
To make this life more grand

Simplicity is always best
Basic faith holds the meaning of life
It shall keep us on the straight and narrow
Away from danger and strife

‘Tis time to give God control
Let Him lead the way
For it is merely a matter of moments
Before we face Him on judgment day

The Lord is your…

Blessed be the Lord, who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation!  ~ Psalm 68:19-20

The Lord is your….

ROCK on which to build a foundation
SHIELD to protect from life’s arrows
KING in whom to look for guidance
SHEPHERD who keeps you from straying too far
JUDGE who convicts you when you are wrong
REFUGE in whom you can find comfort
FORTRESS in which safety is found

 AVENGER who keeps the enemy at bay
CREATOR who knows every thought
DELIVERER who will come again to take you home
HEALER the physician of the soul

 PROTECTOR in whom all trust
PROVIDER who supplies every need
REDEEMER fulfilling the promise of salvation
The ALPHA and the OMEGA to whom we give all

Praise and Glory

Happy are those who respect the Lord and obey him.
You will enjoy what you work for, and you will be blessed with good things.  ~ Psalm 128:1-2

Praise and Glory

Joy is in my grasp
Hope within my reach
God is at my side
Healing the hurt
Repairing the brokenness
I look to the future
A renewal of life
The chance to love and live
Better than I ever have
Close to Him is where I belong
All else is artificial
Deep in my soul
I have found happiness
More than I have ever known
I walk with Jesus
He fulfills every need
Satisfies every hunger
My deepest desires are gratified
My soul rejoices, as do I
Singing praises to Him
Glorifying the Lord almighty
Though I struggle, He takes the burden
When I fall He lifts me up
In times of despair He brings me hope
When I am lost He reveals the way
With Him all things are possible
I am a child of God