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Howdy!  So, I have been trying to embed video from youtube into my posts, but to no avail.  When I click on the add media button and click insert youtube video, it does nothing but sit there.  Then if I place the embed code into the post, the video still does not appear in my post, like wordpress says it will.  I can post just a video, but I want to embed one within a text post that I write, and can’t seem do it.  If anyone of you wonderful pros can help me out, I would be very grateful for the advice.  Thanks a million and blessings! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Help…video embed

  1. Wendy, if you open up your own You Tube channel you can upload wherever you’re at by using the laptop camera and narrating a piece. Sometimes nothing is more convincing than heartfelt, unrehearsed YOU…Doug

  2. ONE MORE TIME (so sorry)….

    post exactly as above beginning with bracket and ending with bracket…. do not paste quote marks and replace “video code here” with video code for your video.

  3. Select a You Tube video and click the share option. This will change the colour of the URL address. Position your cursor and click Copy. Now go to a New Post window on WordPress. Give your post title and then position your cursor in the text box. Move your cursor up to the media box and click Paste. You will see your URL surrounded in square brackets beneath. Mission accomplished. Publish what you have just put together, and then View Post. Have fun…Doug

    • Thanks Doug for the help! I just got it to work…YAY! I love that others really know how to navigate the html and java stuff….unlike myself. I am still learning. Have a blessed day 🙂

  4. I go into “new posting” then I switch from visual to text tab I then insert this code into my blog wherever I want the video to appear:

    it works everytime for me. (of course everything after the equals sign is changed for the individual video you would like to post)

    Hope this helps

    • Sorry I didn’t know it would post the video instead of the code.
      the code I used for the above video was:

      paste everything exactly as above including the opening and closing brackets.
      Hope this helps.

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