Love or friendship?

Today a friend came to visit my church, which was indeed wonderful.  Later in the day that same friend came by to play cards, eat yummy food, and enjoy some fun with my son, another friend, and me.  During the card game, one of the gentlemen started a round if inquisitive questions meant to help pass the time between turns….which I thought pretty cool.

Anywho, the first question out of the gate was intriguing: which comes first, love or friendship, and why?

As we all proceeded to respond, it got me thinking that I should pose a question of the week here which will have the potential to spark some interesting responses and conversations.  Two ground rules….1) be respectful of all responses, even if you don’t agree, and 2) keep the language clean.

With that said, the question that started the evening off tonight is the very same one I bring to you…let the thoughts begin to fly!

Which comes first, love or friendship, and why?

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or prayer request. God bless!

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