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Temporary Troubles


CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

far-more-exceeding-and-eternal CHRISTian poetry by deborah ann

Though they may be temporary,
my troubles still do weigh
on my heart, they are heavy
on my soul, they do prey.

When God needs my attention,
I feel  like I’m on fire
but, He is only testing my faith
the depth of my desire.

So, He puts me in the furnace,
to refine me like gold
He uses the potter’s wheel
so His image He can mold.

He uses the word as a bridle,
to keep me on the straight path
He prunes and He trims
so I may never know His wrath.

He places me in dark valleys,
to see the world’s wickedness
He puts me in arid places
so I’ll thirst after righteousness.

Though they may be temporary,
my troubles still do weigh
but, I know they will bring me
into a glorious new day!


2 Corinthians 4:17
King James Version

“For our light affliction,

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Like fine dining or fast food… how do we approach Bible Study?

I love the way you looked at this!


Like fine dining or fast food… how do we approach Bible Study?

I seldom get to enjoy fine dining. Now, to keep myself out of trouble, I do have to say I get a lot of fine food at home, but that’s different from fine dining. Meals at home are often rushed or combined with things other than pure enjoyment of the meal whether talking about the food, the company, the atmosphere or any combination of these things.

Often our meals are ingested and digested like fast food. It sates our immediate hunger but is not truly satisfying and enjoyable.

As I was gulping my really great burger this noon, taking a break from here at CB and some Bible study, this thought occurred to me that we often approach our Bible study and even our private time with God in one or the other of these two ways. We…

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My Yearning Soul

As a deer pants for the water brooks
So pants my soul for You, O God.
Psalm 42:1

My Yearning Soul

Continually my flesh and spirit seek You
Waiting for the day I am in Your presence
My flesh is incrementally sustained
But my spirit constantly seeks You for its life
When my flesh surrenders
My spirit pours out to You
I worship and praise You
I pray to You daily
Yet my soul still longs for more
As my soul yearns
I will dwell on You O Lord
Remembering every moment You reached out
Touching my life so deeply
Your love embraces me
Your song is within me
I will sometimes question Your ways
I will doubt and I will sway
I will be ridiculed and put down
Yet I will hope in You O Lord
I will praise You forever