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In God’s Hands

It is funny how life just escapes you, and before you know it you are in route to an ailing parent, with worry and concern about how he or she is doing, what the circumstances are, how you can help, what the next step will be, and on and on the questions reel on in the caverns of your mind. It is moments like these where I can truly see the blessing of life, the hope of a new day, and the preciousness of every moment shared with a loved one. Life is a gift. You cannot live in the past, nor can you predict the future. You must live in the day…live in the moment, savoring the blessings, the moments, the joy, and the beauty. May you indeed hug often, love much, laugh frequently, share willingly, give whole heartedly, and live everyday! All my love and blessings that you will enjoy all God has given you…even in the moments of frustration and confusion.

It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. Samuel 22:33

In God’s Hands

Life is short
Time marches on without a care
Somehow slipping through my hands

Moments are fleeting
Joy escapes before I can grab hold
Little captions in time held in my heart and mind

Days come and go
Hope is found in the small things
Learning how to let go and forgive is the key

In God’s hands
Moments of time are carved in stone
They are filled with life never-ending