Archive | September 8, 2014


God is good and oftentimes you lose sight of that when the world knocks you down. The pain has a way of distorting your view and clouds your heart in despair and misery, which is right where Satan desires you to be. Yet God is still there. He stands with arms open wide, waiting for you to run to Him so He can be all you need. He offers you peace from the storms that rage, freedom from pain, and direction for your future. He holds your beginning, your end, and your present.  All you need do is run to Him, seeking His plan in His time.

When the storms of life rage, and the chaos of circumstances confuses you, stop, sit still, and listen to the God who controls all things, to the God who loves you endlessly, to the God who wants nothing but the best for you. Be still and know that He is God! Let Him work miracles and beauty into your life.

Ask and it will be given to you
Seek and you will find
Knock and the door will be opened.
For everyone who asks receives,
And he who seeks finds,
And to him who knocks it will be opened.
Matthew 7:7-8


I stand in the shadow of His mighty wings
Seeking refuge from the storm
Holding tightly to His promises
Awaiting the calm

I seek the scriptures for His guidance
Praying for Godly wisdom
Searching and devouring every word
Awaiting the freedom

I yearn for peace to cover my broken heart
For God to fill me within
Desiring His will to guide my path
Awaiting the direction

I sit and wait for His still small voice
Listening intently for Him to lead
Meditating on His truth
Awaiting the peace