Opposite views

You know I woke up this morning to a glorious epiphany and was jumping on the blog to write, when what do I find but 8 negative comments about my writings and my heart. I know that not everyone sees things the way I do, nor does everyone believe in the glorious Lord that I serve, so I pondered posting his comments, but have decided the negativity is not welcomed here.

However, I want to acknowledge Steve Johnston and thank him for his feedback and remind him that I indeed know that all things done in the dark will indeed come to light and though you may think me hypocritical, a kiss butt, or a liar, that is but one opinion. You are entitled to your own opinion of me and my writings and believe it or not, I take no offense for it is what it is…an opinion.

I was not put on this earth to please people, but to please my Lord and Savior who bled and died for me that I might have everlasting life if I believe in Him and His promises to me. I am not perfect, I sin, I fall, and I have hurt people both intentionally and unintentionally….for I am human. I have never claimed otherwise on this sight and have many times written about my failures and even publicly apologized to a beautiful person that I hurt (though not on purpose).

I am more than willing to take and post constructive criticism and use it to grow in my walk and learn about my weaknesses that I don’t always see clearly, but I let the comments made out of ones own negativity roll off my back. So, I thank you for your opinion, but I rest assured in the comfort that I am a daughter of the righteous King and will do His work until the day He calls me home despite what anyone else may think or feel about me.

May the Lord bless you Steve Johnston and may his light indeed shine into your heart of negativity, opening it up to the endless possibilities God has for you.

In God’s love!

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