Archive | September 14, 2014


Life can be so overwhelming and complicated at times, and I know I can sometimes feel like I don’t know what to do or who to turn to. Ah, but God is so good for he constantly reminds us that he is with us. One might wonder how you can tell?!

Take a moment and look at his word, it speaks volumes. Also, listening to sermons that bring hope, conviction, and renewal. But most importantly…..God puts people in our lives to help us through the toughest of times. It may be family, or perhaps a friend or two. I find great comfort in both of those. However, I find most of my wisdom and direction from my mentor and my pastor! They have always been there to lead and guide me when my emotions and feelings get in the way of rational thought. They have provided comfort and peace when I could not see any. They have given me insight and knowledge of scripture to provide me with the strength I need to rise to the surface of what feels like an all-consuming ocean.

Tonight, I want to take a moment to encourage anyone who is struggling, anyone who is hurting, anyone who feels lost or depressed, please, please reach out to those God has so beautifully blessed your life with. Call your pastor, visit a mentor, skype with a friend….whomever God has surrounded you with, take the time to talk to them. I know I take great comfort in the encouraging words of my mentor, pastor, family and friends.

May God bless you with peace in whatever trial you face, hold you tightly, and show you the way. Reach out and know he will provide you all you need no matter what circumstance you are in or how saddened or hurt you are. Reach out and find healing in the wisdom and grace of those God has sent your way for they are indeed angels of his love.