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Take Me to the Cross

God demonstrated his own love for us in this.
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
~ Romans 5:8

Take Me to the Cross

Take me to the cross
Where my blessed Savior died
The place where sin was forgiven
And all were justified

Take me to the cross
Let me endure His pain
Help me understand His ways
So His death will not be in vain

Take me to the cross
So I can see His suffering
Let me bow on my knees before Him
In reverence to my Lord and King

Take me to the cross
I want to touch my Savior’s skin
Please give me the opportunity
To apologize for my sins

Take me to the cross
Let me shout out to the Lord
Giving praise, honor and glory
To the One that was abhorred

Take me to the cross
So I can take His place
He, my Holy One
Did not deserve such disgrace

Take me to the cross
They should have nailed my feet and hands
He was undeserving
I want to be the one to take the stand

Take me to the cross
I will offer all that I am
It is the least I can do to show my love
For this, my precious Lamb

Take me to the cross
I want to worship Him in every way
Giving thanks for his mercy and grace
By His side I will forever stay



I love to wear a smile! Not only does it help me through the chaos of my life, but it also helps bring others a moment of joy and perhaps a ray of hope. Keep smiling because God is always at work for your good, to bring hope and future that is designed for you. All my love ❤



Smile today

Be someone’s friend

Tidings of happiness

to others do send

Remember a smile

Brightens others days

Lift others burdens

Along the way

So laugh each day

and smile for all to see

From the cares of this world

Set others free

Oh how your smile

Can lift others hearts

Make each day wonderful

With a smile do start

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