Archive | November 14, 2015

Book of Genesis ~ Part 1 *from The Bible Project

Found out about a cool website and YouTube videos from a friend, and wanted to share the first one with you (The Bible Project). These talented men are both Bible scholars and artists, and have combined these talents to create 3-7 minute narratives that summarize and connect each book of the Bible.

I hope it inspires you and provides clarity and cohesion for you. Blessings for the Journey ❤

Guilty {newsboys}

It has been a while since I have had some time to sit and enjoy the pleasure of writing! Somehow life just gets busy and time escapes me. Nonetheless, God has blessed me with some time to touch base and share a beautiful song from Newsboys! May this be the mantra of every Christian and may the movement of Christ bring hope and light to a world filled with despair and darkness.

All my love ❤