Remember the Rainbow

I will cry to God Most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me.  ~ Psalm 57:2


Remember the Rainbow

Life is a rainbow
Full of color rich and divine
Each one standing on its own
Yet, somehow intertwined

Red is the blood of Christ
Shed so we might live
His arms open wide for us
Offering all God has to give

Orange is the trust God required
The faith that we must enhance
For all we need He will provide
We must turn to Him with confidence

Yellow is God’s light
Shining for all to see
Revealing the way for humankind
God’s path will set us free

Green is the life God offers us
Filled with peace beyond compare
Not a momentary solace
But the promise He will always be there

Blue is the reminder of Heaven
A place where life is peaceful and pure
The house of the Holy Trinity
Where worship and praise endure

Purple is the riches we gain
When we place God in control
Not the money, objects or power
It is the eternal love God will bestow

God’s love for us is endless
AS is His rainbow in the sky
A beautiful reminder
Assuring us He is always close by

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