Face to Face

In this increasing world of technology, we find that meeting people can happen anywhere from church, school, or the grocery store, to internet chat rooms and online games.  I happen to have met a gentleman online over 7 months ago.  We have spent time IM-ing and emailing and then progressed to texting and talking on the phone and are about to meet face to face.  Many are skeptical, saying there must be other ways to meet someone so you can know them better, on a more real world level.  Others are adamant that online meeting is taboo, creating a sense of relationship without connection.  Others feel it is an awesome avenue, especially for those opposed to the bar scene or who are too busy to get out and hang with others consistently.

I personally stand on the fence, to be honest, for I have had bad experiences and good experiences from meeting people online.  I have also met people who have had horrific experiences online, but I also know two couples who have actually met someone online and are happily married.  Either way you look at it, you have to admit, in this world of technology and the ever shrinking global community, meeting online is becoming the norm in today’s society.  With much caution, even more prayer, and the hope that God will lead my heart and mind in His ways, I excitedly look forward to what God brings into my life, be it someone who lives down the street, someone who attends my church, or someone I meet by chance in the grocery store or online.  There is an excitement and air of giddiness when you have talked to someone for months and will finally be meeting face to face.  It is kind of like pen-pals that finally get to put a face to the personality they have been getting to know letter after letter.  I happily proceed into the technology of online friends and online dating, but remain open to the people God places right in front of me as well.

I have been single for 10 years now and have been growing ever stronger in my walk with God, trusting that He will only open doors that He desires me to walk through, and knowing with full confidence that He will close the doors He wants me to walk away from.  The primary struggle at this point with any relationship is that of the flesh.  The desire to move faster than God intends due to fleshly desires and emotional loneliness that pulls one down toward temptation is strong and must be combated consistently and fervently with prayer, meditation on God’s word, strong boundaries, and Christian accountability partners.  With full assurance that as I walk in obedience with God He will give me the desires of my heart, I wait on His timing and allow Him to lead me in all my ways and give me strength to resist temptation and WAIT.

For anyone else embarking on the journey of online friendships and dating, I caution you to take things slowly and trust and seek God’s guidance through His word and in prayer.  I also ask that you find Christian friends in your inner circle to keep you accountable to God and self.  I pray you enjoy life as I have and that you remain open to whatever God has planned for you my friend.   May the Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand, fill your desires to the fullest and pour continual love into the emotional loneliness of life.  All my love.

I wait on the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in His word I do hope. Psalm 130:5

Face to Face

Excitement building
Anticipation rising
The chance encounter now becoming real
Meeting face to face
Wondering how it will feel

Giddy as a school child
Nervousness abounding
Trying hard to surrender it all
Unsure of what is to come
Attempting to let expectations fall

Anxiously waiting
Feels like forever
Utterly amazed at where God has taken me
Hoping for a true friend
Perhaps more, but I have to wait and see

Online freedom
Personal fears
Meeting in the middle of uncertainty
Allowing God to lead
Trusting in His sovereignty

Astonishing admiration
Marvelous complexity
Desires of the heart at an impasse
Waiting to see
Protecting this heart of glass

Future unknown
One day at a time
Releasing emotions to my Lord, my God
Continuously surrendering
Knowing we both are flawed

Euphoric calm
Beautiful peace
Resting in the God’s grace
Wanting to see you
Waiting to finally meet face to face

7 thoughts on “Face to Face

  1. I just knew you were waiting for a relationship. I was 35 when I finally met my soul mate. I was determined not to marry until I found him. I thought about 3 times I had and wound up with a broken heart 3 times. My blog starts at the beginning of my waiting. God bless you as you wake each morning with the godly anticipation that today could be the day!!!

    • Alas, I have surrendered the anticipation to God as I have now been single for over 12 years! I finally figured out through much prayer, crying out, and seeking to fulfill the desires of my heart, that ONLY GOD can fulfill the desires of my heart!! I do wait for the day he brings the man of my heart to me, but alas, until that day, I look not for what I want, but focus on what he wants for my life, and right now that is ministry–my son, worship, and growing in my relationship with HIM. God is so good, even midst the waiting 🙂 God bless and keep you Debbie ❤

      • I cried out oh so many times and remember each one as if it were yesterday… There was nothing I wanted more my entire life from a very young child than to be a wife and mother. Because I was putting God first during my teenage years during the 60’s , the sexual revolution, very few guys wanted someone who waited. Therefore the very thing I want most, a child, was the very thing I gave up by being faithful to god. I wrote a post on it A Mother’s Heart Denied. I don’t know why nor do I think about it much any more as ,I , like you, want nothing more than to experience His presence in my life Now! When I gave up looking for my husband and really was a little annoyed when he came along, I found myself praying for God not to let me fall for him unless God could use us more as a couple than he could being single.

  2. Just be sure you keep that fleshy cage of yours in check, friend ;). He seems like a pretty cool guy though, and I’m kinda curious to meet the “Mystery Mike” myself lol. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

    • Believe me, I have indeed covered this meeting in much, exceedingly great amounts of prayer. I asked God to open doors and thus he has, so I walk confidently through, knowing God will lead me down the right path…come what may. Love ya friend!

    • Glad you liked it. Now you know…so many feelings about our coming meeting. God bless you my friend and may we both journey the road that God places us upon! Blessings and smiles!

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